As the premier auto, business, commercial vehicle, and home insurance agency and services provider in the greater Fresno area, Central Auto Insurance Agency is here to help simplify your search for the right policies to address your family’s specific needs.  Finding the best coverage at the best premium rates can be frustrating when you think about the number of factors that must be considered in the decision-making process.

Coverages for Auto, Business, Commercial Vehicle, and Home

We are dedicated to providing our clients a superior level of service and finding them the right insurance coverages at the right price.  At CAI, we provide insurance coverage for the following:

  • Auto insurance – we have helped hundreds of clients in the greater Fresno area and the surrounding communities to find the best coverages for their cars, SUV’s, trucks, and vans for several decades.
  • Business insurance – we understand the needs of businesses in the Fresno area market and will be happy to compare the insurance options available for coverages and premium prices so your business is well protected.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance – insures your cars, SUV’s, trucks, vans, or an entire fleet for liability coverage and physical damages for the amounts, situations, and usages that isn’t covered by your personal auto insurance policy.
  • Home or homeowner’s insurance – as the most significant purchase you will ever make in your life, your home is by far and away your most valuable asset. So ensure you’re your investment is protected with the right insurance coverage provided by Central Auto Insurance Agency

With today’s home and work responsibilities, most individuals do not have the time to sit down and compare the hundreds of different insurance agencies, the coverages they offer, and their pricing.  As a state certified independent insurance broker, Central Auto Insurance Agency can alleviate your stress and help you find the right coverage at the right premium price. Without a protective insurance cover, life can become difficult especially if you are involved in an accident or natural calamity. Loss of life and property can be financially devastating.

Save more by Bundling

Clients can now save money on their premiums by bundling their policies such as their auto and home or their business and commercial vehicle policies.  Furthermore, you not only save money by bundling your different insurance policies, you save time as well by eliminating the hassle of dealing with different insurers.  So when you go through one company for all your insurance coverage needs, you only have to deal with one bill and a single agent or representative whenever you have any questions about your policies.  For more information, contact Central Auto Insurance Agency today. One of our business representatives would be glad to assist you in selecting the right policy and will answer your questions so that you have more clarity about the process, terms and conditions of the policy you intend purchasing.