How to Cut Down Your California Car Insurance Costs and Save Money

Posted on: 11Feb,2016

Here’s an important question. When was the last time you sat down and gave any thought to the cost of your California auto insurance premium? Without reviewing your auto insurance once a year or whenever your renewal date is approaching, how are you going to know if you have enough coverage to facilitate your needs? Furthermore, how will you know whether you are paying too much for your policy? Interestingly enough and despite their importance, these are all factors that we oftentimes take for granted or simply overlook.

So why are we making such a big deal out of this? That is because you could be spending hundreds of dollars every year needlessly on coverage that you don’t need. Granted there are other factors that come into play and paying for unnecessary coverage is only one that affects the amount of your premium. With a little bit of due diligence and research, you could take a significant chunk out of your premium costs. The savings could equate to hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the long term.

10 Tips that could Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Tip #1: Avoid paying for duplicate medical coverage – you shouldn’t be paying for medical payments coverage if you have good disability, healthcare, and life insurance. All you need to be paying for is the required minimum amount of liability or personal injury protection.

Tip #2: Combine your different insurance policies under one insurer – another way to save money on your auto insurance premium is by insuring all of your vehicles (RV’s and trailers included) under a single California insurance policy. If you purchase your homeowner’s and life insurance from the same insurer, this will also save you money on all of your policies.

Tip #3: Find out about additional discounts – discounts are available to individuals are 50 or 55 years of age or older and or retired. There are also discounts for individuals who have been clients with a particular insurance company for a long period of time or if you haven’t had an accident or moving violation within the past 3 years (check with your insurer as the time period will vary with different companies).

Tip #4: Forgo any unneeded coverage – it’s pointless to pay for collision and comprehensive coverage on an older vehicle with a low market value.

Tip #5: Leave your vehicle parked occasionally – by carpooling or using public transportation, you will put fewer miles on your vehicle during the year. So if you drive less you may be able to qualify for a California low-mileage discount.

Tip #6: Look for teen driver discounts – if applicable, you can save money by qualifying for certain teenage driver discounts. First of all, you should include them on your California auto insurance policy rather than purchasing a separate one for them. Additionally, there are discounts available for good students who maintain a “B” average or if your child travels more than 100 miles from home to go to college.

Tip #7: Purchase a low-profile vehicle – you’re better off buying a vehicle that has a good safety rating, is less expensive to repair, and is not a theft target.

Tip #8: Raise the amount of your deductible – by far, this is the most common way for anyone to lower their premium rates. However, it is a double-edged sword in that a lower deductible will result in paying less for auto repairs after an accident has damaged your vehicle. But you will pay more for your California insurance coverage throughout the year.

Tip #9: Safety equipment equates to more savings – having your vehicle equipped with certain equipment will help you save money on your California auto insurance premium. Examples of this equipment include air bags, anti-lock brakes, automatic safety belts, and daytime running lights. Additionally, you can save money on your insurance premium by installing an alarm system or anti-theft device.

Tip #10: Think about roadside assistance before you pay for it – having your vehicle towed might affect your coverage eligibility and could cause your premium rates to increase. So you might want to consider paying for a roadside assistance plan through some other company that offers it. Check your credit card providers as many of them include this type of coverage as part of their memberships.

Finding the best auto insurance rates available is much easier. If you’re looking to save money – why not get a free Auto Insurance Quote comparison today?