How do I get Cheap Car Insurance Online?

Posted on: 15Jan,2016

One of the many benefits that the internet has provided consumers with is the ability to shop for the best deals on a wide range of products or services. This is especially true when it comes to making certain major purchases such as car insurance. In the long run, car insurance can save you a lot of money if you are involved in an auto accident and the other driver or their insurance company sues you in court.

However, driving without at least the minimum coverage required by your state can cost you a lot in tickets and fines. You could even have your driving privileges suspended in the process. Despite the benefits of having auto insurance, many individuals hesitate to buy coverage because of the rising costs of premiums. However, if you take the time to do a little research over the internet, you will be able to find cheap Car Insurance Modesto.

6 Factors that affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

Most insurance companies take several factors into consideration when they are calculating an individual’s premium rates. Fortunately, you are the one that can control many of those factors. Factors such as your accident record, age, driving habits, gender, location, and the type of vehicle you drive all play a significant role in determining your premium rates. The types of coverages that you select will also impact the price.

The following is a more detailed look at the 6 primary factors that will affect the price you pay for auto insurance as well as a few helpful tips for finding cheap Car Insurance online:

Age, gender, and marital status – the general rule of thumb is that young, single male drivers under 25 years of age are going to pay more for their insurance than any other age, gender, and marital status group. The possible exception is that if you are a student and you maintain good grades, you may be eligible for a good student discount.

Coverage and deductibles – every Auto Insurance Modesto company allows you to choose the amount of your deductibles and types of coverages for your vehicle. Those coverages may not be required according to your state’s financial responsibility laws. In most cases, you can lower your monthly premium by raising your deductible amount and vice-versa.

Driving distance and frequency – your premium will be lower if you commute shorter distances and do not use your vehicle for business purposes. The more you are driving, the more annual miles that you put on your vehicle. Therefore, your premium rate will higher since there is a greater risk of you being involved in an auto accident.

Driving record – if your driving record reflects that you have been an accident-free driver over a long period of time, you’re going to pay less for your Auto Insurance Modesto than a person who has several accidents on their record. Just keep up the good work and don’t get overly confident about not getting into an accident.

Geographic location – generally speaking, if you live in a rural area or smaller town, you will pay less for your Auto Insurance Modesto than if you live in a larger metropolitan area.

Vehicle safety ratings – insurance companies analyze industry safety reports in order to develop their own vehicle safety ratings. As a result, they will offer discounts based on how a vehicle ranks in the ratings. If a particular make and model of car is easily damaged and the occupants are frequently injured during an accident, or if it is stolen more often than other vehicles, many insurance companies will charge the driver a higher premium rate.

Benefits of Shopping Online

There are a number of benefits that shopping online for cheap car insurance offers. First and foremost, shopping online is extremely convenient and will save you a considerable amount of time. Plus, the internet is invaluable when it comes to comparing rates among different insurance companies. There is no one pressuring you into enrolling with their company, you can find coverages just as easy as you can when discussing your needs with a live agent, and you have the ability to purchase your cheap car insurance 24/7/365. Finally, if you get several companies to compete for your business, you will succeed at getting Cheap Car Insurance Modesto.