Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexican Auto Insurance

California has the largest Hispanic populations in the US, many of whom still have family in Mexico that they visit on a regular basis. As a result, many of these individuals have come to Central Auto Insurance for their Mexican auto insurance needs. This type of insurance is geared towards those individuals who will either be visiting their families in Mexico on a regular basis or will be vacationing in that country for any period of time. Even if someone is going to visit Mexico for the day, they should have this insurance when driving their vehicles across the International Border.

Getting Mexican auto insurance

Central Auto Insurance offers Mexican auto insurance since Mexico’s authorities do not recognize US auto insurance policies. These liability-only policies cover drivers if they are involved in an accident and personal injuries and/or property damage results. It also covers medical expenses should those injuries be serious. We also offer full-coverage policies that include physical damage as well as theft coverage if needed. Policies are available for a single day up to a year at a time. Customers can check the available policies and check for optional coverage, discounts and deals that can be of advantage.

Auto insurance policy terms and conditions

It is important to remember that the laws in Mexico are very different from those of the US and that is especially true when it comes to having Mexican auto insurance coverage. Unfortunately, a person is guilty until proven innocent if they are involved in an auto accident and are deemed at fault. Additionally, if there are any personal injuries, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying the injured party’s medical expenses as well. Driving in Mexico is risky enough. That is why so many drivers have let Central Auto Insurance shop for their Mexican auto insurance needs.