Ways to Get SR22 Insurance Quotes California

Posted on: 15Jan,2016

Do you need insurance and you live in California? You can get sr22 insurance in California. An SR22 is a form that an insurance company will file with the Department of Motor Vehicles that will let them know that you do have an insurance policy and it is active. Not everyone is required to bring this information in to the DMV but if you have been told to do so, you will need to provide this information if you would like to be able to drive. The reason why you have been asked for this information is probably because you had a policy but you allowed it to cancel and instead of allowing you back on the road, the DMV will require that you show proof that you have insurance first.

Another reason why you may be asked to provide proof of the SR22 is because you have been booked for driving under the influence or you have been involved in an accident that you did not have at least the minimum amount of insurance available. The insurance company will provide you with proof once you pay the premium and the DMV will allow you to get your license as long as the paperwork is done. If you needed an SR22 form, you would need to go to your local insurance agency and request a signed copy. The insurance company will then type it up, sign it, and then you can take it where you need to go in order to get your license back.

An SR22 is expensive but this is a one-time fee. Once you purchase the form, you will not need to again. It usually costs you an additional $20.00 more than what your policy premium will run you. You may also be required to pay any DUI course fees if they were required as well. The DMV will require a payment of $55.00 for reinstating your license. Obtaining your license is not cheap so be sure you have the extra money before you begin working on requesting your license.

In order to qualify for the SR22 you will need to contact your insurance company to see how much they would charge for you to reinstate your policy. Then you will be able to pay that much money out. When you pay that money, be sure to get a receipt showing that you were all paid up. Next, you will ask them to fill out your SR22. This form is found in the insurance office. She or he will then type up the form for you in order for you to take it with you. Make sure that your name is spelled correctly on the form and your address is correct as well. You will then need to make sure that you have paid them the $20.00 needed in order to obtain the form. Once you do have the form in hand and the proof of your insurance, you can go to the local DMV and obtain your license. There are many fees associated with this type of license but that is only because you have lost your license at one time and now to get them back, they need to know that you take your responsibility strongly.

California has a law that they follow in order to allow drivers to get back on the road. If you are unable to get reinstated, then you may need to clear up a few things first. Then you should be able to get your license as long as you provide the right paperwork first.

When you obtain a SR22 form from the insurance company, you will need to make yourself a copy of that form before you take it to the DMV. This copy is for your records and will be good for three years. This form will be the deciding factor as to whether you can get your license back or not. If you are denied your license, you will need to find out why. Talk to the DMV not the insurance company if you have lost your license and cannot get them back with the basic requirements.

Obtaining insurance is expensive if you have let it run out. But it is an expense that you will need to pay if you plan to drive.

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